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How to maintain a good digestive system

Here are some simple tips to keep your digestive system in good shape.

Eat enough fibre every day: it is advisable to eat fresh fruit with skin, whole grains, raw vegetables and pulses.

Drink fermented milks with probiotics: they promote intestinal transit and also reduce the feeling of bloating by helping the digestive system to function.

Drink plenty of fluids: water, herbal teas and mild broths, always avoiding stimulating drinks and fizzy sugary soft drinks that can accentuate digestive discomfort.

Prefer gentle cooking: steam, oven, papillote or grill, avoiding fats, sauces and spices when cooking, which complicate the digestive process.

Moderate consumption of flatulent foods: cabbage, artichokes or foods with sorbitol such as chewing gum and sweets.

Do physical activity: it promotes intestinal transit, improves heavy digestions and relieves stress, which can also cause digestive discomfort.

Fractionate your diet and keep regular schedules: this avoids large meals after a long period of fasting.

Try to always go to the toilet at the same time, without rushing and in a relaxed manner.

Avoid excess sweets and sugars as well as fatty and irritating foods. Also avoid smoking and excessive alcohol.

Avoid using laxatives: they can irritate the bowel.

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