We are planet

Sustainability is the way to you

Nature gives us everything. And we are committed to it.

That's why we put our commitment to people's health and well-being first in the entire process of producing and distributing our products. But also with the planet.

At ELADIET we believe that improving and caring for the environment is a priority responsibility. So, we continue on our path of commitment to sustainability by betting on renewable energies.


Solar energy technologies represent one of the cleanest forms of electricity generation. Solar energy produces no emissions while it is being generated and studies have clearly shown that its lifecycle carbon footprint is lower than that of fossil fuels.

We currently have almost 300 kW more solar panels installed on the roof of our facility. With this data, it is expected that between 40-50% of the energy consumed will come from our photovoltaic (480-600MWh self-consumed).

An interesting point is that during some hours of the summer months (with more solar radiation) and with the production plant working at 100%, we should be able to self-supply with the photovoltaic panels.

Hybrid cars

At Eladiet we are committed to more sustainable consumption by using hybrid company vehicles. These offer lower fuel consumption and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of emissions, hybrid cars emit less carbon dioxide directly into the air than traditional petrol vehicles, as they also use electricity as a source of energy to move. This can have a positive impact on air quality in urban areas and in the fight against climate change.

In our offices

Since 2015, we have been operating a "Paperless Office" with the aim of reducing our environmental impact as much as possible. We only use paper when absolutely essential and from recycled materials.

We are also members of Ecoembes, an organisation that cares for the environment through the recycling and eco-design of packaging.
FSC certified mixed or recycled cardboard.
Use of 100% recyclable plastic when it ensures the preservation of the product.
All the paper and cardboard used for advertising purposes comes from sustainably managed forests. You can find the FSC mixed or recycled seal on the materials. In addition, we use ecological inks of vegetable origin in the printing of our creations.