We are innovation

We innovate to take care of you

At ELADIET, innovation works for you.

That is why we have our own R+D+I team, made up of technical specialists in the areas of natural herbal product development, who strive to research and develop innovative formulations that help to improve your health and wellbeing.

Our innovative spirit is born from the knowledge and research of plants and other natural ingredients, which, through manufacturing techniques that respect the ingredients and the efficient and sustainable use of the resources used, we give rise to innovative formats and forms of presentation, always with the efficacy of our products in mind. At Eladiet, we do not understand R+D+I without the quality and guarantee philosophy to which our entire team is committed. We combine tradition and nature with technology and innovation to offer effective, safe and high quality products.


Our formats include liquid, solid and semi-solid forms, from conventional formats (bottles, capsules, tablets, blister packs, etc.) to the most innovative formats such as:

Tablet In 
Capsules with

But innovation only works when it has a clear mission: to improve your health and well-being.
Because there's only one person who wants to take better care of you than nature.
About us.

Our process for working on new developments

Our R+D+I team works creatively and collaboratively to understand existing health needs in order to offer effective and proven natural solutions. 

The work process is organised into 4 development committees:

This is where ideas are born and health and wellness needs are identified. The team of scientific and health researchers works in an open and disruptive way, convinced that solutions that do not yet exist can be created.

Ideas need to take shape and a solid base of formulation and composition. This committee is made up of specialists from 5 different technical areas who analyse raw materials, efficacy and new technological processes to guarantee the quality and efficacy of our products.

Once the idea has taken shape, this committee is responsible for initiating the process of making it a reality and analysing new products at regulatory, galenic, industrial and feasibility levels. It is a transversal team in which different specialist technical departments take part, always coordinated by the R+D+I team.

This is the last phase of the creation process and is responsible for launching the manufacturing phase of the product. In each of its decisions, it works to guarantee the highest standards of quality, efficiency and development.

All this work process is enriched by the collaboration with leading universities and technology centres, which allows us to count on the best experts and scientific talents.

Our most relevant advances

Thanks to our innovative spirit, we are pioneers in formulas, manufacturing techniques and forms of presentation:

  • 1985: Pioneers in Spain in tabletting pure plant powder without excipients to dissolve the tablets in hot water as a healthy infusion.
  • 1987: First to launch in Spain tablets made from plants for weight control.
  • 2003: Development of an innovative single-dose blister format for liquid products, convenient and practical for product administration and highly efficient in terms of production costs.
  • 2006: Market launch of the first "ready-to-drink" weight management drink.
  • 2009: First to offer a product based on granulated powders that dissolve in the mouth and are swallowed without water.
  • 2013: Pioneers in the use of tablet coating to provide different properties such as: olfactory, gastroprotective, active, active, etc.
  • 2015: Launch of a product to help people fall asleep in a bilayer tablet for immediate and prolonged action.
  • 2019: market launch of a product in a new liquid stick format that improves consumer usability.
  • 2020: incorporation of fluid bed technology to modify the properties of the components to improve their compression or bioavailability.
  • 2022: first laboratory in Spain to manufacture tablets in tablet-in-tablet format, offering different active ingredient release phases to improve the efficacy and stability of the products.