Arnica Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% arnica.
Artichoke Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% artichoke.
Boldo Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% boldo.
Digest Aciflux Protect Food supplement with Alginate, Calcium and Bicarbonate.
Gases Food supplement with caraway, fennel, coriander and green anise.
LactaBiotics Food supplement made with lactase and dairy ferments.
ProLax Food supplement made with cascara, aloe vera, rhubarb, caraway and biotin.
Ultraprobiotics Food supplement with probiotic mixture and prebiotic.
Hep Food supplement with traditional plants.
Laxifruit Food supplement with fruit, probiotic and vitamin C.