Food supplement with traditional plants, vitamins and minerals, with edulcorants.

Artichoke and citrus aurantium help to weight control.

1 stick: 4035 mg inulin, 700 mg citrus aurantium extract, 700 mg nopal, 500 mg artichoke extract, 500 mg field horsetail extract, 500 mg burdock extracto, 500 mg cornsilk extract, 500 mg green coffee extract, 500 mg phaseolamin extract, 500 mg garcinia cambogia, 301,2 mg potassium, 100 mg cascara buckthorn, 84 mg magnesium carbonate, 42 mg caseinoglycomacropeptide, 4,2 mg iron, 24 mg vitamin C, 3,6 mg vitamin E, 0,01 mg selenium, 1,8 vitamin B5, 0,24 mg vitamin A, 0,42 mg vitamin B6, 0,33 mg vitamin B1, 0,06 mg folic acid, 0,015 mg biotin, 0,0015 mg vitamin D3, 0,00075 mg vitamin B12.

Lactose free, gluten free and no sugar added. Shake the mixture well before drinking.

1 stick a day
traditional plants, vitamins and minerals
30 sticks


Fucus Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% fucus.
3 Siluet plan Food supplement with maqui, açai, mangosteen, goji, plant extracts, green tea, matcha tea, vitamins and minerals.
Aquaprim Food supplement with traditional plants and vitamins.
Aquaprim Frizz Food supplement with cornsilk, field horsetail, birch, pumpkin and griffonia.
Chitosan Vegetal Food supplement with vegetal chitosan and chromium.
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Ob-X Food supplement with Ob-X (lemon balm extract, blackberry extract, and artemisa extract), coleus forskohlii, vitamins E and D and zinc.
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