Suitable for: Rest and mood

Buenos días

Food supplement made with tryptophan, rhodiola, saffron, melatonin and vitamin B6.

Melatonin contributes to reduce the time to fall sleep, Vitamin B6 contributes to the normal performance of the nervous system, to normal psychological function and to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Per tablet : 500mg Tryptophan, 180mg Rhodiola, 10mg Saffron, 1,4mg Vitamin B6 (100% RDI), 1mg Melatonin. RDI= Recomended Daily Intake by the EU

Do not exceed the daily dose expressly established. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Keep in a dry and cool place. Keep out of the reach and sight of younger children. Eladiet recommends following a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

1 tablet at night, half an hour before bedtime.
Tryptophan, rhodiola, saffron, melatonin and vitamin B6.
30 tablets of 1010 mg (30,3 g)


Buenas Noches Food supplement with melatonin, GABA, valerian, californian poppy, passiflora, vitamin B3 and B6.
Buenas Noches Infusionable Food supplement with Valerian, Passionflower and California Poppy. Valerian helps to maintain optimal relaxation and good quality of sleep.
Melatonina Retard Food supplement in coated tablets with smart release technology in 2 times based on melatonin and lavender.