Suitable for: body defences


Food supplement with royal jelly, traditional plants and vitamins.

vitamins A and C contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

10 ml: 150 mg fresh royal jelly, 100 mg eyebright, 100 mg elderberry , 100 mg rose hip , 100 mg thyme, 100 mg curry plant , 100 mg sage, 80 mg vitamin C (100% RDI) and 800 mcg vitamin A (100 % RDI). RDI= Recommended daily intake.

Lactose free, gluten free (FACE certificate) and caffeine free.

15 o 30 ml a day
Fresh royal jelly, traditional plants and vitamins A and C
250 ml


Allerfin Food supplement with royal jelly, curry, St. John wort, reishi, maitake, shiitake and vitamin C
Sol de Oro Food supplement based on helichrysum, black currant, reishi, turmeric, vitamins and minerals.
Sol de Oro jarabe Food supplement with curry plant, echinacea, blackcurrant, histidine and vitamins.