Suitable for: piernas cansadas


Food supplement with traditional plants.

Ruscus support of venous circulation.

4 tablets: 400 mg witch-hazel, 320 mg ruscus, 320 mg ginkgo and 160 mg horse chestnut.

Lactosa free, gluten free, caffeine free and no sugar added.

4 tablets a day
Hamamelis, rusco, ginkgo y castaño de indias
60 tablets


Hawthorn Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% hawthorn.
Horse chestnut Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% horse chestnut.
Ten Blend hydroalcoholic extract (1:1) from olive, hawthorn, field horsetail, orange blossom y fumitory.
Controlten Food supplement with olive, cocoa, hawthorn and marine peptides.
Ginkoro Food supplement with ginkgo biloba.
Garlic Food supplement with macered garlic.
Light legs Food supplement with ruscus, horse chestnut, melilotus, centella asiatica, routine and vitamin C.