Suitable for: normal blood pressure


Food supplement with olive, cocoa, hawthorn and marine peptides.

Olive tree keeps normal blood pressure.

2 tablets: 400 mg olive tree extract, 300 mg cocoa extract (cocoapure®), 200 mg protein marine hydrolisade (protensin®) and 120 mg hawthorn extract.

we recommend take the tablets in the morning with breakfast. Is not suitable for people with allergies to shellfish because contains hydrolyzed protein from seafood . Lactose free, gluten free, caffeine free and no sugar added.

take 2 tablets a day
Olive tree extract, cocoa, protein marine hydrolisade and hawthorn
60 tablets


Hawthorn Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% hawthorn.
Horse chestnut Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% horse chestnut.
Circ Food supplement with traditional plants.
Ginkoro Food supplement with ginkgo biloba.
Garlic Food supplement with macered garlic.
Light legs Food supplement with ruscus, horse chestnut, melilotus, centella asiatica, routine and vitamin C.