Suitable for: Digestive System


Food supplement made with cascara, aloe vera, rhubarb, caraway and biotin.

Biotin contributes to normal mucosal maintenance. Cascara helps maintain intestinal regularity.

Per tablet : 50mg Aloe vera (200:1), 25mg Caraway (4:1), 100mg Cascara (20%), 50mg Rhubarb (4:1), 50mcg Biotin (B8) (100% RDI). RDI= Recomended Daily Intake by the EU

Do not take in case of manifest allergy to any plant or in case of abdominal pain. Do not use more than 2 weeks in a row. Do not use for an extended period of time without consulting a healthcare professional. Do not administer to children under 12 years of age. Consult doctor in case of pregnancy or lactation.

1 tablet a day before bedtime
Cascara, aloe vera, rhubarb, caraway and biotin.
15 tablets of 650 mg (9,75 g)


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