Suitable for: Digestive system

Digest Aciflux Protect

Food supplement with Alginate, Calcium and Bicarbonate.

Calcium contributes to the normal functioning of digestive enzymes.

1 Tablet: 250mg of Alginate, 60mg of Calcium (7.5% NRV*) and 110mg of Bicarbonate. *NRV: Nutrient reference value

Lactose and gluten free.

1-2 tablets after each meals
Alginate, Calcium and Bicarbonate
30 tablets


Digest Gases Food supplement with caraway, fennel, coriander and green anise.
Digest LinoMax Innovative food supplement based on flax seeds coated with plant extracts (senna, frangula and ginger), which helps normal intestinal function. Presented in a new format that preserves the properties of flax and extracts in optimal conditions for a longer period of time.
Digest Ultrabiotics Food supplement with probiotic mixture and prebiotic.
Arnica Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% arnica.
Artichoke Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% artichoke.
Boldo Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% boldo.