Suitable for: body's detoxification


Food supplement with vegetal extracts, concentrated juices, vitamin C and digestive enzymes.

Birch prometes body's detoxification processes and has liver, kidney and intestinal activity properties.

Hepatic action (per tablet): milk thistle extract 85 mg. Dandelion extract 70 mg. Artichoke extract 70 mg. Desmodium extract 30 mg. Renal action (per 10 ml): field horsetail extract 500 mg. Elderberry juice 500 mg. grapefruit concentrate (water, sugar, grapefruit, aroma, sweetener) 500 mg. apple concentrate juice 200 mg. Birch 175 mg. Sarsaparilla 125 mg. Ortosiphon extract 125 mg. Mouse-ear Hawkweed extract 75 mg. Intestinal action (per stick): Psyllium 1 g. Inulin 1 g. Rhubarb extract 100 mg. Ash extract 100 mg. Dehydrate aloe vera gel 50 mg. Enzymatic mixture (amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase, protease) 50 mg. Vitamin C 40 mg. Caraway extract 40 mg. Fennel extract 40 mg. Acción intestinal (Por 1 sobre): 1 g plantago ovata, 1 g inulina, 100 mg ex. seco de ruibarbo, 100 mg ex. seco de fresno, 50 mg aloe vera gel deshidratado, 50 mg mezcla enzimática (conteniendo: amilasa, celulasa, lactasa, lipasa, proteasa), 40 mg vitamina C (50% VRN), 40 mg ex. de alcaravea y 40 mg ex. de hinojo. VRN= valor de referencia de nutrientes por la UE

Lactose free, gluten free and cafeine free Hepatic action: 1 tablet a day after main meal. Renal action: Dissolve 10 ml in 1,5 l. of water. Intestinal action: Take 1 stick, dissolved in water, before go to bed.

Hepatic action: 1 tablet a day. Renal action: 10 ml a day. Intestinal action: 1 sticks a day
Vegetal extracts, concentrated juices, vitamin C and enzymes digestives,
Hepatic action: 14 tablets. Renal action: 150 ml. Intestinal action: 14 sticks


Arnica Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% arnica.
Boldo Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% boldo.
Burdock Hydroalcoholic extract 1:1, 100% burdock.