2nd sales convention 2018.

Last Friday, August 31, we celebrated in Eladiet the second sales convention of 2018. It was a dynamic day, with the presentation of several novelties:

The new product of the Digest line: Lactabiotics, our new dietary supplement based on lactase and two lactic ferments that will help people with difficulties to digest lactose to enjoy dairy again.

A new format of the product Buenas Noches, in which you can find 60 tablets at an unbeatable price, which will help you rest thanks to its specific formulation and its bi-layer technology, restoring sleep and keeping it overnight.

Finally, a Top 10 exhibitor from Eladiet, where our customers can easily identify and find their favourite products of the brand in their herbal shops.

In addition, we had the pleasure of enjoying the talk of coach Raul Torres, who gave us great tips to improve our business skills.

On Saturday, September 1, we finished the convention with a fantastic yoga class from the hand of Nina Mula, one of our protagonists of TV ad of the gamma Regen&Dol.

Thanks to all the participants for joining us and taught us so much. We finish the convention excited by all our news and with more energy than ever to continue offering the best of us.