Since its beginnings Eladiet has been pioneer in new forms of production.

Eladiet was, in 1985, the first company in Spain to compress powder from pure plant without excipients to dissolve the tablets in hot water as a healthy infusion.

Eladiet was in 1987 the first company in Spain to launch tablets made from plants for Weight Control. In the same section, in 2006 Eladiet launched the first "ready to drink" Weight Control drink. Again in the section of Weight Control, in 2009 Eladiet launched a product based on powder granules to be dissolved in the mouth and swallowed without water.

Eladiet in 2003 began manufacturing liquid products in a novel format of individual aluminium blisters, a highly cost efficient format.

Eladiet’s new production plant uses innovative manufacturing processes which have gained official recognition, funding and subsidies.

Eladiet usually works with universities and technology centres to continue to innovate in the field of manufacture of food supplements