We have created a website specific for our contract manufacturing services.

Our field of action is not only limited to our own production, but our experience enables us to develop projects for others.

Eladiet is not a typical manufacturer, but a partner in the broadest sense. Eladiet collaborates from product development to its marketing.

Eladiet prepares the dossier of the product (ingredients, format, claim evaluation, comparison with the competition), performs research into ingredients, proposes formulations and makes pharmaceutical testing, pilot batches and stabilities, provides support in the graphical development of packaging, is fully responsible for manufacturing, quality control and analysis and release of the products and can also carry out labelling, product registration for legal marketing in Europe and even provides marketing and / or commercial support.

The market for food supplements is a highly dynamic market and aware of this, we are a highly flexible and fast partner. Our pilot plant, our great manufacturing capacity and our know-how allow us to offer our clients a comprehensive and integrated service with the flexibility and speed this market demands.

Comprehensive service [+][-]

All we need to get started is a concrete description of your project. From that moment, our technical department, together with our marketing department, will select the right ingredients for your product, considering both aspects of efficiency and purely commercial arguments.

A team of designers, translators, legal and business advisors will work in parallel taking care of every slightest detail of the image of your product.

Once the product is created we help with its registration, as well as with developing an extensively detailed sales support.

Quality [+][-]

When you choose Eladiet as a partner, you can be sure that we will leave nothing to chance: our quality control ensures the excellence of raw materials, packaging materials, manufacturing processes, both internal and external, and of course, the final product .

Our laboratory is equipped with the most advanced monitoring technology and our team of specialists ensures superior quality in strict accordance with the requirements and specifications reflected in your project (preparation of the manufacturing guide, agreed quality standards, etc.).

Industrial possibilities [+][-]

Eladiet produces a huge variety of different solid and liquid forms that cover most of the needs in today's market: tablets, dissolvable tablets, effervescent tablets, coated tablets, capsules, powder formulations, granules, liquid formulations, etc.