Buenas noches new format

Insomnia is one of the most common sleep disorders, affecting approximately 30% of the population according to data from the Spanish Ministry of Health. Stress, anxiety, depression, changing working hours, among other causes, can end up causing alterations in the sleep cycle.

In Eladiet ® we have a range of products dedicated to sleep, where one of our flagship products is: Buenas Noches.

This September, we have incorporated an extension of the Sleep family with a new format of the Buenas Noches product of 60 tablets.

With it you can get 2 months of treatment at an unbeatable price, maintaining the effectiveness of the original format. With melatonin, which helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep; Valerian, which helps maintain natural sleep and California poppy, which contributes to optimal relaxation and improves the quality of natural sleep.

For more information you can check the product here.